viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

Nos comunicamos con alumnos de Canadá.-

En estos días nos hemos comunicado con alumnos de la escuela Parkview Elementary de Granby, Québec-Canadá.
Nos cuentan e informan sobre su escuela, las actividades que realizan, la nieve y el estado del tiempo.

Dear Florida Class,

We were excited when we received your email. We are interested in knowing more about Uruguay, your culture, and your school. We went online to find Florida to see where you are in the world.
Our school is in Granby, Quebec. The school's name is Parkview Elementary. There are about 325 students in our school. We are a class of 22 grade 4 students. Here is a link to a Google Map: You can look at it online to see exactly where our school is. Please add a flag to show where your school is.
It is very cold today. The warmest it will get today is -2 degrees Celcius. Yesterday we had a snowfall. It is still on the ground today.
You asked about snow. We tried to tell you, but it took a lot of writing and we were worried that you might not understand. We decided to add lots of pictures and put everything on the web. You can visit our site and take a look.
We hope to receive another email from you.


Parkview Grade 4 students.

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